Only a completely different holiday could be spent in the Chalet in Val Fraele, surrounded by the greenery, the fragrances and the colours that only unspoilt Nature can offer.

The ideal place to be bewitched by the landscapes and the peace of the mountains, to live pleasurable moments, seeking the flavours and the cheerfulness of the typical mountain refuges, a genuine remedy for the body and spirit.

The Chalet can be the ideal destination for a completely relaxing holiday, for meditation and for discovering Nature's rhythm, but it can also be the point of reference for setting off on suggestive excursions through breathtaking landscapes, searching for the splendid fauna which lives undisturbed on the peaks and in the woods of the Stelvio National Park and the Swiss National Park.

The Chalet which belongs to the Pienzi family, can be reached after a short walk along the side of the mountain, after leaving your motor vehicle near the Alpine Hut and it is available on a weekly basis from late spring to the first days of autumn.

Having two bedrooms, the Chalet can offer a maximum of 7 beds and comprises a bathroom, a lounge with a fireplace and a kitchenette with a wood burning stove.

Hot water, heating and electricity, which is generated from the photovoltaic system, permitting a use limited to the primary requirements of the apartment, are also provided.

Also included is the wood supply for the stoves and the fireplace, the blankets, tablecloths, tableware and a fixed mobile phone, which can only be operated with a Vodafone SIM card.

The main groceries should be purchased in the Bormio area, while in the valley where the Chalet is situated, you can purchase from the alpine refuges and farmhouses: milk, butter and fresh cheeses, all hand-made products, produced with age-old Valtellinese methods and traditions.